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You can place an order with. Through its ProPlugIn limited with the models. Version of the product and Shipping and appointments The form and payment. Through the following

Purchase through the online store.

This method is fast, convenient and secure as possible. You can order at any time. thus

  • Website via mail order by clicking the “Add to cart” in the item of interest.
  • If you want more items, click Continue Shopping or select the product you want and click Done.
    Go to Checkout
  • The system will then bring you to the Checkout page, which lists your order.

You fill Billing / Contact Address all fields.

** And mark the Channel Same as billing address.**

  • Press Purchase e-Mail system will ship your order to you automatically.
  • Upon receipt of confirmation from the staff. Payment can be made via the K Payment Gateway here.


Order by email

  • Send an Email The Wish List Order to  []
  • When officers receive mail order then to conclude transactions and the amount to be paid back within [24] hours.

Note: Working in a reply email every day. 10.00 – 20.00 hrs., Except on public holidays.


Order by Phone

You can call the number 0-2511-2681, 0-2511-4187 and Hotline: 081-372-8799 to order.

Note : Time to order by phone every day. 10.00 – 20.00 hrs., Except on public holidays.


Order by Line

You can contact the Line ID : @ProPlugin to order.

Note : Time to order by phone every day. 10.00 – 20.00 hrs., Except on public holidays.


Order by Fax

You can fax The Wish List Order to number 0-2513-0891


Before! Payments All

Please wait for the shop Confirmed billing and payment before then to gradually transfer the money every time.
(You have received a mail Auto Mail  not invoices Mail Confirmed me)


Cancellation of orders

  • You can cancel your order. If the product has not been sent out.
  • To cancel an order processing fee of [3% of Sales].
  • We will refund a portion of the operation. Transfer money into an account with user name is the name of the account holder to order only.

Informing to cancel an order

If you wish to cancel the order. Please contact us by telephone [0-2511-2681, 0-2511-4187 and Hotline: 081-372-8799] or email [].