Roland VT-3

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Roland VT-3

Roland VT-3

The Roland Aira VT-3 is a voice transformer that offers nice vocal effects and all the flexibility needed when working in the studio or live. The VT-3 provides you the right vocal styling, irrespective of the type of sound. Moreover, the hands-on controls make tweaking sound on the go quite easy. The multiple connection options (which also include USB) make it easier to hook the device into any studio or live setup.

Roland VT-3

Powerhouse Vocal Effects Workstation for the Stage or Studio
On a mission from Roland to explore untapped creative depth, the AIRA division’s VT-3 Voice Transformer gives you access to a world of cool vocal effects and the flexibility you need both live and in the studio. From the classic sound of the Roland VP-330 vocoder to the glitchy randomness of the unique Scatter mode, the VT-3 gives you the perfect vocal styling for any project. Better still, the VT-3’s intuitive hands-on controls make it easy to tweak your sound on the fly. And with its versatile set of connection options (including USB), it’s easy to integrate the AIRA VT-3 Voice Transformer into your live or studio setup.

Roland AIRA VT-3 Voice Transformer Features:
An all-purpose vocal effects generator built in the spirit of classic Roland vocal effects
Choose from 9 types of voice characters to add the perfect flair to your sound
Two distinct auto-pitch effects deliver quintessential pop and electro vocal styles
Conjure up VP-330 style vocoder sounds, without need for an external keyboard
Megaphone and Radio settings dish out grungy lo-fi distortion effects
Sing synth parts with the Synth, Lead, and Bass settings
Hit the Robot button to instantly achieve classic monotone drone effects
Use the Scatter function to glitch up your sounds with a dose of real-time randomness
Dedicated sliders for pitch and formant let you dramatically change your voice on the fly
Fade in your effects with the Mix Balance slider to create smooth transitions
Onboard reverb lets you add anything from a touch of ambience to a complete wash
3 easy-to-reach preset buttons let you store and instantly recall your favorite settings
Footswitch control provides hands-free access to your effects while you perform
Pure green LEDs and brightly lit controls provide excellent visibility on even darkly lit stages
XLR combo jack with switchable phantom power and 1/8″ powered mic jack accept nearly any microphone
USB connection provides power and connectivity for audio, including loopback processing for your DAW
Dual outputs can be configured as separate Wet/Dry channels or as a stereo pair
Designed to work seamlessly and look great with other products in the AIRA series

Go Totally Crazy with Nine Amazing Vocal Effects Styles
Far from a one-trick-pony, the Roland AIRA VT-3 Voice Transformer gives you nine high-quality vocal effects styles to choose from plus extra goodies you can use to spice up your tone. If you’re into modern pop or electro, you’ll have a ton of fun with the two Auto Pitch modes, and a VP-330 style setting lets you get old-school vocoder effects, without messing with a carrier signal or external keyboard. For a touch of grit, check out the Megaphone and Radio settings, or turn your voice into a synth with one the VT-3’s Synth, Lead, and Bass settings. With the push of a button, you can fire up a classic robot mono voice, and when you want to get really crazy, set the VT-3 into Scatter mode and let the random chaos ensue!

Nine vocal processing types let you create a wide range of vocal textures and effects
Robot button lets you instantly turn your voice into a classic monotone drone
Add a dose of randomness to your sound, with the unique and powerful Scatter setting

This Powerful Vocal Processor Was
Made to Be Played
The AIRA VT-3 may look like a vocal effects processor, but it plays like an instrument. If you look around at the amazing vocal processors right here at Sweetwater, most of the devices you’ll find are made to go from preset to preset only, with very limited real-time tweakability. Roland’s AIRA division, on the other hand, built the VT-3 to be manipulated in real time. With easily accessible faders for Pitch, Formant, Mix Balance, and Reverb, you can dramatically alter your voice in time to the music. Three preset buttons let you store and seamlessly recall settings on the fly, and you can even toggle your effects on and off with a standard footswitch.

Hands-on sliders for let you manipulate Pitch, Formant, Mix Balance, and Reverb on the fly
Store and instantly recall three of your favorite settings with a set of easy-access buttons
Footswitchable bypass control gives you a hands-free way of toggling your effect
Flexible Connections for Live Use
and Studio Production
The raw power of the AIRA VT-3 Voice is too much for the live stage or the studio alone. That’s why Roland’s AIRA division built this amazing vocal processor to be as flexible as humanly possible. For starters, an XLR combo preamp input lets you connect any standard microphone, and there’s even switchable phantom power for condenser microphones — as well as a powered 1/8″ jack for clip-on mics. On the output side, you can run the VT-3’s 1/4″ outs as either a stereo pair or as a set of wet and dry mono feeds, giving you the opportunity to mix at the board if you like. USB connectivity takes the VT-3 into the studio in style. Not only can you record straight to your DAW with this processor, but loopback capability lets you send audio to your VT-3, process it, and record the results.

XLR combo input with phantom power plus powered 1/8″ input accommodates virtually any microphone
Dual 1/4″ outputs can run either as a stereo pair or as two mono outputs, one wet and one dry
USB connection lets you send audio straight to your DAW or in a send/return loop as an effects processor

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Roland VT-3

฿ 7,200


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