TFZ Series 4 Black

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TFZ Series 4 Black

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TFZ is an audio company that has had a fast rise in popularity since they started with their Series 1, 3 and 5 earphones. I’ve been a long time fan, especially since I reviewed the TFZ Balance 2M which is a great sounding IEM. Recently their latest Exclusive series won the Japanese VGP authority awards 2017. So now, welcome to my TFZ Series 4 review. Let’s see how it stacks up.
The TFZ Series for retails for $99 at the time of writing and is available from Penon Audio.
This product was provided for the purpose of an honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company and all observations and opinions here are my own.
The TFZ Series 4 comes in a long, slender black box with the logo and model printed on the front in silver. After opening you see a long card with a couple of slogans on it. Lifting out the card reveals the earphones secured in a plastic tray and a smaller cardboard box beneath that. I quite like this unboxing experience. It’s nicely presented and not over the top. Here’s what you get inside

– TFZ Series 4 earphones
– Shirt clip
– User manual & warranty card
– 3x pairs of wide bore silicone tips
– 3x pairs of narrow bore silicone tips
– 1x pair of foam tips
– Soft carrying pouch
– Detachable 2-pin cable
– Velcro cable tie
– It’s great to see some different eartip styles included in the package. The shallow fit, wide bore tips are actually big enough for my large ear canals and of good quality and very comfortable.
While the carry pouch is good for storing the earphones it won’t give much protection if you’re carrying it around in a bag or pocket. A clamshell case would be preferred but of course, a carry pouch is better than nothing at all and is a welcome addition.
The included cable is an improvement over the one that comes with the Exclusive King. It’s similar in style and build but is more substantial and thicker below the Y-split while retaining the same pliability. It comes with a pre-shaped, clear plastic tubing which I find a much better solution than memory wire. The Y-split is a circular, translucent plastic with the TFZ logo on it. It’s a little large but I like it. Kudos to TFZ for having the balls to do things differently. Similarly, the straight plug is made of the same translucent plastic. It’s wider than average which might cause difficulty with some phone cases but for me is not an issue whatsoever. Strain reliefs are good from top to bottom.

Build, comfort and isolation
This model comes in two colour variants, grey and blue. Like all of TFZ’s recent models, the TFZ Series 4 is drop dead gorgeous for a UIEM. It’s similar in size and shape to the Exclusive King and in my opinion, looks better even than that. With its transparent plastic housing and metal faceplate, both of which are immaculately joined together with a uniform and very tidy seam.
An angled nozzle with protective metal mesh protrudes from the housings and includes a proper lip to secure the eartips. All the edges on the IEM are rounded and smooth and there are no visible inconsistencies or flaws found anywhere. There’s a nice weight to them that makes these feel substantial and premium. From the inner side, you can clearly see the large 12mm dynamic driver.
Like all recent TFZ releases the Series 4 comes with detachable 2-pin 0.78mm cable which for me is a welcome change from the often unreliable MMCX type. Build quality overall is exceptional for an earphone at this price.
In terms of comfort, I find the Series 4 to be really good. I can wear these for hours on end no problem at all. The shape of the housings with their smooth edges, the angle of the nozzle and over-ear wear combine for a comfortable experience.
Isolation is about average for me personally but I feel that those with smaller outer ears will likely find them above average for blocking outside noise.

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Warranty included (1 year)



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TFZ Series 4 Black

฿ 3,590


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