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AKG LYRA USB Microphone

In stock

Original price was: ฿ 6,690.Current price is: ฿ 3,990.

AKG ARA USB Microphone

In stock

Original price was: ฿ 4,490.Current price is: ฿ 3,590.

AKG K72 Headphone

In stock

฿ 2,790

Review of AKG ARA, the younger model of LYRA Microphone with new features.

The AKG ARA: A high-quality USB microphone that works for gaming, content creation, and vocal recording. With its wide range of use-cases, how does its sound quality fare? It's often said that the 'AKG ARA' microphone offers the best value for money. If you're in search of a microphone and planning to make money through streaming, the AKG ARA microphone is undoubtedly the answer for you.

AKG Products

AKG ARA USB Microphone

In stock

Original price was: ฿ 4,490.Current price is: ฿ 3,590.

AKG P120 Condenser Microphone

In stock

Original price was: ฿ 5,590.Current price is: ฿ 3,990.


Available on backorder

฿ 18,400

AKG History

Short history of AKG: AKG draws its inspiration from a deep passion for music and a mission to create the best sound quality in the world of music. No wonder that when it comes to the best sound, AKG is a name that often comes to mind. AKG’s first microphone was used in radio stations, cinemas, and jazz clubs. This inaugural microphone was called the ‘AKG DYN’ and was produced by a team of five individuals. AKG headphones entered the market for the first time in 1949. Over the course of more than 50 years in operation, AKG has continuously developed and introduced numerous new products.

Product Type AKG

Headphone Monitor

Monitor headphones are an essential tool for music creators. With high-quality headphones from the AKG brand, they cater to a wide range of music production needs...


AKG is considered a brand specializing in producing high-quality microphones and is a pioneer in manufacturing the world's first condenser microphones. One such microphone is the AKG D12, known for its Cardioid Polar Pattern.... 

Wireless Instrument

AKG's Wireless Instruments operate on a 2.4GHz digital wireless signal, covering a frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz. They provide easy connectivity and are ideal for stage performances and musical acts. Setting up is hassle-free, .…

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