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Trusted by ProPlugin

Trusted by ProPlugin

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Trusted by ProPlugin

Products purchased from ProPlugin are covered by a manufacturer's and importer's warranty, and the warranty terms may vary depending on the brand, model, and type of the product. The warranty conditions are specified on the product's website or you can inquire about them at the time of purchase. The warranty covers product damage resulting from proper usage and damage caused by defects within the product itself. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase and is based on the date on the sales receipt or tax invoice, which is essential.

For products that are found to be defective within 15 days from the date of purchase at ProPlugin, customers are eligible for a replacement with the following conditions:

  1. The product must have been purchased within the last 15 days (starting from the date specified on the receipt/invoice, with the day of purchase being the first day).
  2. The product must not violate the warranty conditions*. The company is happy to provide an immediate replacement.
  3. The company has tested and confirmed that the product is indeed defective.
  4. Return all accessories that came with the product in their entirety, such as the box, foam, manual, drivers, and any complimentary items, etc. The product must be in complete and like-new condition without any signs of wear.

**Please include a copy of the receipt/invoice every time.**

For products that encounter issues after the 15-day warranty period from ProPlugin, customers can either take them to the nearest authorized dealer for service or send them to the company's service center for repair or warranty claim. The following conditions apply:

  1. Repair or replacement with the same product model, subject to the conditions and policies of each manufacturer/importer.
  2. If repair is not possible and there is no identical product available for replacement, the replacement will be made with a similar product. The company will notify the customer before the replacement. If the customer wishes to wait for the replacement, the company will provide an estimated delivery schedule and keep the customer informed about the progress in intervals.
  3. The company does not accept exchanges or returns for products beyond the warranty period or products that do not meet the warranty conditions.

The following cases are not covered by the product warranty:

Products purchased from ProPlugin are warranted against defects resulting from manufacturing errors only. The company will not warranty products in the following cases:

  • Damage or destruction caused by external factors such as accidents, natural disasters, force majeure, electrical surges, overvoltage, transportation, etc.
  • Improper handling that leads to damage to various components. Repairs, alterations, or modifications outside the original standards or unauthorized changes performed by non-company technicians
  • No product serial number is present or has been removed or altered
  • This warranty does not cover the software or any additional programs that are part of the warranted product.
  • The product has abnormal conditions compared to its original state, such as cracking, breaking, bending, twisting, folding, warping, perforation, or missing parts. The product exhibits conditions that should not occur under normal use or improper maintenance, such as water stains, rust, burn marks, or PCB print missing, presence of insects, or being written on with chemicals directly on the product itself.
  • For all models of headphones, the warranty does not cover cases of missing cables.
  • For all models of speakers and amplifiers, the warranty does not cover speaker cones

Note: No repair or service is available for products that were not sold by the company in any case.

To provide customers with confidence in the quality of PROTONE signal cables, ProPlugin CARE has a 1-year warranty policy with the following conditions:

  • If you discover any defects in the product resulting from the manufacturing process within 15 days, you can return it for repairs at no cost. Please note that all products undergo quality inspection before being delivered to customers.
  • Products are covered by a 1-year warranty. If there are issues with the connection points, you can send the product for repairs at no cost. However, the cable must be undamaged (verified using a measuring tool), and the connectors must not detach from the cable or be damaged. Customers can send the product for repair within 1 year, with no limitations on the number of times they can do so. For each repair, please provide a receipt or the packaging with the product's serial number
  • For products outside the 15-day warranty period, the company will charge for the return shipping. The pricing will be assessed and communicated to the customer before returning the product.

Contact Proplugin

ProPlugin Care

677/89, Soi Lat Phroa 5/1, Lat Phrao, Chomphon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900


Line ID : @ProPluginCARE

Open : Monday-Friday เวลา 9:30 น. - 18:30 น.

เวลาปิดทำการหยุดวันเสาร์ อาทิตย์ และวันหยุดนักขัตฤกษ์


Warranty period for each brand of product

Ableton 1 Year
ADAM AUDIO 5 Year *F-series warranty for 2 years / Other models extend to an additional 3 years, totaling 5 years when registered at
AKG 1 Year
AKAI 1 Year
Alesis 1 Year
Aston Microphone 3 Year For Aston products purchased from October 1, 2020, and onwards, and for extended warranty registration at (2 years for unregistered products)
Audio Engine 3 Year
Audio Technica 1 Year
Audix 1 Year
Austrian Audio 2 Year
Beoplay 1 Year
Beyerdynamic 1 Year
Blackmagic 1 Year
BLUE 1 Year
Clef Audio 1 Year
DENON 1 Year
Fender 1 Year
Fiio 1 Year
Focusrite 3 Year
Harman Kardon 1 Year
ICON 1 Year
iFi-Audio 1 Year
IK Multimedia 1 Year
Jabra 1 Year
JBL 1 Year
Klipsch 1 Year
KORG 1 Year
KRK 1 Year
Marshall 1 Year
M-Audio 1 Year
MEE Audio 1 Year
MidiPlus 1 Year
MIFO 1 Year
Native Instruments 1 Year
Nexigo 1 Year
Novation 3 Year
Optimal Audio 1 Year
Pioneer 1 Year
Plantronics 1 Year
Presonus 1 Year
RANE 1 Year
RODE 2 / 5 / 10 Year For RODE products, with additional warranty registration at to the models as per the specified conditions (1 year for unregistered products)
Roland 1 Year
ROLI 1 Year
Sabinetek 1 Year
Samson 1 Year
Saramonic 1 Year
sE Electronics 3 Year Register to extend the warranty period ( 2 years for unregistered products)
Sennheiser 1 Year
Shure 1 Year
Sonos 1+1 Year When registered at within 15 days after purchasing the product.
Soundcraft 1 Year
Sonar Work 2 Year
Synco 1 Year
Townsend Labs 1 Year
UDG 1 Year
Universal Audio 1 Year
V-MODA 1 Year 1-year and 2-year warranty for the models specified on the box
Wavebone 1 Year
Westone 2 Year
ZOOM 1 Year
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