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Mackie MainStream

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Mackie EM-USB-LTD-WHT USB Microphone

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Review of the Mackie Chromium USB Microphone with Mixer

The Mackie Chromium USB microphone offers a comprehensive set of features, including four selectable audio patterns: Cardioid, Stereo, Bi-Directional, and Omnidirectional. Gamers looking to upgrade their professional audio capabilities should certainly take a look at this microphone.

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CR StealthBar Active Speakers

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Mackie OnyxGo Mic

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Mackie Onyx Producer 2?2 USB Audio Interface

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Mackie History

Mackie was founded in Woodinville, Washington by Mr. Greg Mackie. He started creating audio equipment and amplifiers after establishing TAPCO. Subsequently, he began producing in-house audio equipment under the name AudioControl, leading to the birth of the company Mackie Designs, Inc. The company is known for designing and manufacturing professional-grade audio mixers at affordable prices. The company's first product was a 16-channel mixer called the LM-1602

After achieving success in the mid-range market with the LM-1602 model, the company moved to establish an actual factory in 1991. Prior to this, they operated out of a simple room in Edmonds, Washington, where they produced audio mixers. The next model they introduced was the CR-1604, a versatile mixer suitable for both desktop and rack-mounted setups. With its robust performance and competitive pricing, the CR-1604 was a resounding success, selling hundreds of thousands of units by 1996 and accounting for 48% of the company's total revenue at that time.