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Full Review of the Novation Launchkey MK3 for Music Producers

Full Review of the Lauchkey MK3, the Latest Keyboard Controller from Novation. We present you various new updates and features, along with a demo of how to use it. Let's see how cool it is…

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About Novation

Novation's main mission is to help artists shape and express their own sound. In other words, it's about empowering electronic music producers to unleash their creativity in the world of music production.

Since 1993, when Novation's first iconic synth, the Bass Station, was born, they haven't stopped striving to lead the way in sound creation for electronic music. Perhaps it's because the music industry is a self-made world that has given rise to everything from Novation's widely acclaimed and iconic Launchpad,

with billions of views on YouTube, to synthesizers that carry a unique sonic influence. Behind the scenes of countless musical works that drive the music industry, Novation wants to be the force that propels the creative potential of individuals and many future musical works...

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