About Novation​

Novation’s main mission is to help artists shape and express their own sound. In other words, it’s about empowering electronic music producers to unleash their creativity in the world of music production. 

Since 1993, when Novation’s first iconic synth, the Bass Station, was born, they haven’t stopped striving to lead the way in sound creation for electronic music. Perhaps it’s because the music industry is a self-made world that has given rise to everything from Novation’s widely acclaimed and iconic Launchpad, 

with billions of views on YouTube, to synthesizers that carry a unique sonic influence. Behind the scenes of countless musical works that drive the music industry, Novation wants to be the force that propels the creative potential of individuals and many future musical works.

We understand well that music creation takes time. It’s much like a journey. Our role is to make it easy to start and, at the same time, make it endless. Your studio is a refuge, a place to immerse yourself, experiment, explore, and fully express yourself. This is why we have a passion for diversity. The more tools you have, the more dimension your space gains. Therefore, we collaborate with our fellow innovators in the music technology world, such as Ableton, Amplify, Elektron, Roland, Korg, Splice, Melodics, and many others. All of us, together, strive to ensure your creative space is as efficient as possible.

And of course, it’s not just us carrying out these missions. Novation has 7 other brands with the same goals

First on the list is Focusrite, a manufacturer of Audio Interface equipment that takes care of the pathway for creating sound, ensuring efficient and outstanding transmission from your inner imagination to the outside world.

Next is Focusrite Pro, a team of experts focused on meeting the sound needs at a professional level for individuals who consider sound not just a passion, but a way of life

ADAM Audio, based in Berlin, Germany, is a team of innovators and developers dedicated to crafting high-precision Studio Monitor equipment. They employ meticulous hand craftsmanship and cutting-edge ribbon technology in their speaker assembly, which helps deliver the distinctive sound that is favored by many renowned producers worldwide.

Amplify Music originates from the Novation team based in London. They tackle daily challenges to develop applications that make music production accessible and versatile.


Martin Audio has a strong reputation in designing speakers for Live Sound events since 1970, and in the following 50 years, they have maintained a leading position in technology with modern and highly acclaimed equipment.

Optimal Audio is the starting point for Martin Audio, which is renowned in the world of business audio distribution. Lastly, Sequential is a friend of ours, holding a place in the world of synthesizer design, born from the acclaimed designer Dave Smith, a co-creator of MIDI and designer of programmable Polysynths like the Prophet® 5.