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Fiio F9 Fro (Titanium)

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Fiio F9 Fro (Titanium)

หูฟัง In-Ear ไฮบริด Organic Design มีไดร์เวอร์ 3 ตัว เสียงกลางอิ่ม เบสนุ่ม สูงปลายมน

1 Dynamic Driver & 2 Balanced Armatures for Triple helpings of rich sound
The F9 PRO utilizes a hybrid design in which each channel is composed of one dynamic and two balanced armature (BA) drivers. The 9.2mm dynamic driver is specifically tuned to produce bottomless lows while the two BA drivers utilizing the American brand Knowles’ 30017, which precisely portray extended upper-mids and highs.
Knowles dual balanced armature TWFK-30017-000
The Knowles dual balanced armature TWFK-30017-000 gives the F9 Pro immense capabilities in resolving every last detail, all in a truly powerful and overwhelming presentation of your music – the way it was meant to be heard.

PEK polymer nanocomposite driver for heightened detail
The F9 PRO utilizes a dynamic driver made of PEK (polyether ketone) polymer nanocomposite, known for not only being tough but also being light. This allows the F9 PRO’s dynamic driver to be lightly capable of producing quick, detailed and extended bass.

Scientifically Tuned based on Physics and Psychoacoustics
We achieved maximum performance from the F9 PRO’s drivers by looking to the laws and principles of physics and psychoacoustics when designing our product. By doing so, the drivers are able to work in perfect harmony to achieve a cohesive sound that is absolutely able to reproduce every part of the sound frequency spectrum – allowing for a frequency response from 15 Hz to 40 kHz.
Hi-Res Audio Certification
The F9 PRO has been certified by the Japan Audio Society to be “”Hi-Res Audio”” capable. This means that the F9 PRO is capable of a frequency response up to 40kHz, which can fully reproduce the audio and give you a natural and life-like listening experience that truly lets you listen to the music the way the artists wanted it to sound.

Freely switch between balanced and single-ended with standard MMCX connectors
The F9 PRO utilizes the standard MMCX connector for its interchangeable cables and comes standard with both 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm single-ended cables. The 2.5mm balanced cable is made of silver-plated copper wire, which ensures a balanced sound signature and a high level of detail retrieval. Of course, due to its balanced nature, the left and right channel wires are separated so that there is significantly greater channel separation – leading to a richer, more detailed musical experience. The 3.5mm single-ended cable comes with a full set of in-line controls capable of playing / pausing songs, switching tracks volume adjustment and even calls with its high-quality microphone. This makes the F9 PRO a perfect complement to enhance your experience with your portable audio player or cell phone.

Making Waves with an Organic Design
The F9 PRO’s stunning exterior was inspired by something familiar we are all accustomed to: water. The sleek lines recall the ripples that occur when drops of water fall into a lake, making the F9 PRO booth more human and familiar.

Organic Strength
The ripple-like lines on the F9 PRO not only give it a unique touch, but also serve to ensure structural strength and maximize the amount of space internally for a more optimized design overall. Moreover, the inside layer of the F9 PRO’s shell is specially lined with plastic to both better secure the drivers and eliminate internal resonances.

Colors and texture for easy identification and replacement
The end of the MMCX cable’s left channel is adorned with a splash of blue, while the end of the right channel is trimmed with a touch of red – for easy identification of the audio channels in a subtly stylish way. These channel ends also have a spiral texture engraved into them, for just the right amount of friction to greatly aid in removing and replacing the cable.

Over -the – ear design for an enjoyable experience
After much testing and feedback from a wide variety of users, we came up with an over – the – ear design that is not only ergonomic but also comfortable. With the F9 PRO, you can easily get lost within your music for hours without fatigue.

Meticulous Attention to detail in an exclusive experience
Little touches such as the convenient right-angled headphone plug, to the laser-etched PRO logo on the earphones, to the MMCX embellished with red and blue at the channel ends ensure that your F9 PRO sends a profound yet forceful first impression to any onlookers.

Unexpectedly Thoughtful Accessories
Besides the 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm single-ended cables, the F9 PRO comes with a whole host of other accessories all designed to tailor and safeguard your listening experience. For instance, the F9 PRO comes with three different kinds of silicone ear tips, each designed for a particular sound signature and coming in small, medium and large size. Also included with the F9 PRO are three pairs of foam eartips, all in the same one-first-all size. The color of the ear tips is even matched to the color of your F9 PRO unit! We give you control over your listening experience, so you can listen however you want, whenever you want.
The F9 PRO also comes with our popular waterproof carrying case, as well as a water-resistant neoprene carrying pouch, so you can be rest assured that your earphones will continue to function for years to come.

Thoroughly Tested Before Being Delivered to You
We conduct dozens of stringent quality tests, thousands of times, so that you may cast your worries away and your fears are allayed.

– Swing testing
– Unit life testing
– Fit testing
– Material testing
– Anti-aging testing
– Cell phone compatibility testing
– Wire durability testing
– Button Life testing
– High temperature resistance testing
– Anti-oxidation testing
– Vibration intensity testing
– Temperature testing
– Sound quality experience check

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Fiio F9 Fro (Titanium)

฿ 4,700


Free shipping on orders above 500THB
Authentic products guaranteed
Always providing service with a smile